Smederevo Fortress - MonumentApp

Our offical MonumentApp project for Smederevo Fortress. A web AR application that can recognize monuments and historical sites, fortresses, etc. and offers real-time information about them via mobile camera. The user can see the virtual icons live on the camera while walking, which, with the help of AR technology and GPS, stand exactly where the objects are. Our application is a smart guide live on camera, which can explore the monuments of that city or have a tour of the fortress with marked places in it such as towers, gates, etc.

How to use? Permissions for GPS and camera need to be approved, sometimes permissions must be set in the browser itself. It is intended for newer media mobile phones, with Chrome and Safari browsers. Sometimes it is necessary to restart the page if everything did not load. The icons get bigger as you get closer to them, when they are the biggest you can click on them and get information. By clicking on one of the offered icons, you can choose the version of the application in English or Serbian